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What We Provide

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Your carpet is a literal trap for anything that is in your house or tracked in by people or pets. Carpet will
hold onto dust, dirt, pollen, dust mites and more. Just imagine everything that your dog carries in from
outside getting tracked in and trapped in your carpet. These things in your carpet can contribute to
sinus and allergy problems.
With our truck-mounted steam cleaning machine, we can remove all of that from your carpet leaving it
fresh, clean, soft, and smelling good. Give your sinuses and allergies a break when you go in your house.
Don’t let what is outside affect you by letting it inside.

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Did you know that the same things that get trapped in your carpet will also get trapped in your tile and
grout? Grout, stone, and even ceramic tile can be porous and have minute indentions that
will trap anything that gets tracked in. Over time this can cause your stone, tile and grout to look dingy
and dirty. Also, if you do not keep a regular schedule of sealing your stone, tile and grout, it can stain
and the grout can soak up any liquid spilled on it. Liquid seeping into the grout will begin deterioration
eventually resulting in the grout breaking up. A regular schedule of cleaning and sealing your stone, tile
and grout will keep them clean and protect them from costly damage in the future.

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We wash our clothes and we clean our carpets, so why wouldn’t we wash and clean our upholstery?
Upholstery can attract dirt, food, pollen, dust mites, sweat, and things that pets leave on it just as much
as carpets and clothes. Let us clean your upholstery so you can use it with confidence knowing that it is

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Rugs are a great tool for style and for protecting your carpet, but they need to be cleaned regularly to
remove anything that has been tracked in and left in the rug. Dirt, dust mites, pollen, food, drinks, and
the little things that your pets bring in can all be trapped in area rug fibers.

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When vacuuming is just not enough, give us a call and let us revive the upholstery and carpet in your
automobile, RV, boat or almost anything that has carpet or



There are many nasty things that can collect in mattresses. Let us clean your mattresses so you can
sleep easier knowing that the bed is clean.

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I have been in my house almost 5 years and I have some very busy, juice spilling, food dropping, ooppss sorry mom we made a mess kids. I saw the add in Instagram and something in my spirit said call them. I called and spoke with a wonderful and very kind representative who came to my home and made my carpets looks brand new for a spectacular price. I am extremely pleased. As a person that works in customer service I am very critical when I receive service.... This was legit! My floors look amazing! Thank you so much for everything!!!

Crystal Sewell

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